Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bethenny Frankel Refuses Offer To Return To Real Housewives of New York
BETHENNY Frankel has clearly forgotten her roots.

The Skinnygirl mogul has turned down offers to return to the ratings-challenged Real Housewives of New York — despite a personal request from Andy Cohen, according to RadarOnline.

Even though Cohen is no longer an executive at Bravo, “honchos at the network asked him to reach out to Bethenny and ask her if she would be open to making a return to RHONY,” an insider said.

“The hope was she would come back as a regular cast member, but Bethenny was also offered a guest role. Andy no longer has the power to hire or fire anyone at Bravo, since he lost his executive job, but the bosses knew how much Bethenny respects and likes him and thought he could convince her.

“Bethenny didn’t even take time to think it over [before saying] no. She has absolutely no plans at this time to return to reality television. She believes she has moved on from that.

“She would love to appear on television again in a different capacity, perhaps even as a fill-in host for Andy on Watch What Happens Live.

Producers of RHONY will “definitely be approaching her again” about returning to the show, the source reveals. “It might have been to soon after the cancellation of her talk show to make the offer. The show would tremendously benefit from having her back.”
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Kenya Moore Is Experiencing Huge Money Woes
Kenya Moore likes people to believe that she has a wealthy boyfriend and is living in the lap of luxury but has exclusively learned that she is in dire financial straits and most of her expensive things didn’t really belong to her.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has come under fire for not revealing who her “rich African boyfriend” is and often insinuates that he is paying her bills but a source close to the situation revealed that she isn’t telling the truth.

“Kenya is basically broke and she doesn’t have any money,” a source close to the Bravo star told Radar.

“Most of the things that she shows off, like purses or cars, don’t belong to her.”

Keeping up with the likes of NeNe Leakes is always part of RHOA, with the women trying to one up each other with their high-priced accessories, but the source said Moore isn’t as well off as she wanted the viewers to believe.

“Kenya  had a local car dealership in Atlanta give her a really expensive car on loan and then they got the publicity that she was driving a car from their lot.  It was just during filming and it was a good deal for both of them. She was able to pretend she had a high end car and they got the free press.”

The source also said the former Miss USA, who is competing on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, was always getting involved in business deals that fell through.

“Kenya previously turned down money-making TV appearances and she had a movie she was going to do overseas but it never happened. So when Celebrity Apprentice came up she had to say ‘yes.’  She desperately needs the money and the longer you stay on the show the more you get paid.”

Dismissing Moore’s claims that she’s being supported by a boyfriend, the source told Radar that was highly unlikely.

“She needs money to keep up her fake celebrity lifestyle.”

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tamra Barney Now Pointing Fingers At Gretchen Rossi For Allegedly Exploiting Custody Battle With Estranged Daughter

Far be it for me to ever agree with Gretchen, but in this case she's kind of got a point:
Tamra Barney is being slammed by Gretchen Rossi  who is taking sides with The Real Housewives of the Orange County’s estranged daughter in her bid to live full time with her dad.

In a stunning Facebook open letter to Barney, Rossi writes:
Once again having to take time out of my day to address & deal with this persons lies and BS. As your daughter said in her tweet to you “it’s getting old”
@tamrabarney lying once again. Slade or I have not called one single reporter! My PR group has received tons of emails & calls regarding this issue only because YOU were so vocal in attempting to trash & defame Slade as a parent for so many years. Of course they are going to want to know how we feel about all the documents coming out about you now. Slade & I have not spoke about you or the show since our exit, and it wasn’t until YOU started discussing me in media to promote the show & on the 1st episode that I’m back having to defend myself against your BS. If I’m such a nobody then why are you still talking about me? And if I’m such a nobody why did production call me two months ago and ask me to consider coming back to film with you guys, which I declined. You don’t know anything about our exit or what happened because you were not privy to those conversations. Also hate to break it to you Slade & I do not need press, we get plenty of press without discussing you (google us)
Maybe you should stop worrying so much about what we are doing, & get off twitter because obviously there is a lot more important things for you to be focusing on. #truthalwayscomesout #karma

As has been exclusively reporting, Barney’s ex-husband, Simon Barney is claiming she has been “verbally abusing” their three kids.

Daughter Sidney  moved in with him full time last year and he’s now petitioning for full custody of the 15-year-old.

Most shocking, Tamra even engaged in a public Twitter war with Sidney!

Rossi had stayed quiet on the evolving controversy until Barney publicly accused her and fianc√©, Slade Smiley, of calling reporters and offering her opinion on the Barney family drama. That’s something Rossi insists she never did.
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Teresa Giudice Forced To Sell Mansion As Bank Account Goes Empty Following Fraud Charges
For years, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her family lived a life of luxury, complete with a sprawling mansion, luxury cars and international travel. But now that her life of lies has come tumbling down since she and her husband Joe plead guilty to fraud and conspiracy charges last month, has learned that the money stream has dried up – and she could soon be forced to sell her house!

“Teresa has hardly any income coming in because of her guilty plea in the federal fraud and conspiracy case,” a source told Radar. “If it weren’t for the money she’s made from Real Housewives of New Jersey, she would be in serious financial trouble right now.”

“Her book sales have been very low, and Teresa hasn’t been offered any gigs for paid promotional appearances either,” the source continued. “It’s a foregone conclusion, Teresa absolutely will have to sell her beloved New Jersey mansion. She’s terrified she could end up homeless.”

As Radar has reported, the luxe-living reality TV will only be ordered to pay back $7,500 of the shocking $13 million debt they cited in a 2009 bankruptcy filing, and their creditors are angry about being stiffed.

“We just want the money she owes us,” an employee of the North Hudson IVF fertility clinic, one of the Giudices’ creditors, told Radar exclusively. Teresa, 41, was rumored to have undergone fertility treatments there in order to conceive youngest daughter Audriana, 4.

The Giudices owe the clinic $11,765.59 for their services, and the employee says the couple’s refusal to pay is simply unfair, insisting, “We’re just a company that helps people.”

However the bankruptcy documents, obtained by Radar, reveal that other companies lost much more. The couple has virtually stolen more than $1 million from Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh, nearly $2 million to the Community Bank of Bergen County, and more than $5 million from Wachovia Bank. Only the Giudices’ bankruptcy lawyers and trustee will receive payment.

Teresa could be facing 27 months in prison, while Joe could get 46 months hard time after pleading guilty to 41 counts of mail, wire, bank and bankruptcy fraud in March.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Deshawn Snow Calls NeNe Leakes "Dismissive and Offensive as Hell"
The battle of words between Real Housewives of Atlanta powerhouses NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore wages on! Now, after one of the former Hotlanta gals decided to weigh in on the situation, Kenya responded by saying that NeNe doesn't possess enough "intellect" to match her. Ouch!

All About the Real Housewives has all the deets.

Season 1 old-timer Deshawn Snow took to Twitter to share her opinion on NeNe's behavior, writing, "For NeNe Leakes to weaponize mental health and constantly refer to Kenya Moore as 'crazy' is ableistic, dismissive and offensive as hell."

In case you are unfamiliar with the term, ableism is the act of discriminating against people who have disabilities. The word Deshawn was looking for is actually "ableist," not "ableistic," but you get the gist of what she was trying to say.

NeNe has repeatedly referred to Kenya as mentally unstable and has even mentioned that she forgets to take her medication before filming.

In response, Kenya tried to rationalize why NeNe — and all of her co-stars, for that matter — chooses to behave the way she does, explaining, "That's from fear and inadequacy. They don't have the intellect to take me on so they resort to basic name calling and slander."

If there's one thing Kenya is good at, it's hitting below the belt. You can criticize NeNe all day long, but we know how heated she gets when people call her anything less than smart.
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Tamra Barney's 15-Year-Old Daughter Claims Her Reality TV Mom Is ‘Verbally & Emotionally Abusive,’ and She Also Forged Child’s Homework
Not only is Tamra Barney‘s ex-husband accusing the Real Housewives of Orange County star of child neglect, but Simon Barney also claims his three children are suffering at school because of their mother’s “high-profile” job and her eldest daughter says the reality TV star is “verbally and emotionally abusive.”

Simon says the kids are ridiculed and bullied, and in documents exclusively obtained by, he provides proof that they are often tardy for school — and Tamra was even accused of allegedly forging daughter Sophia‘s reading log by the 8-year-old’s teacher!

“These minor children are not going through the same issues as other minor children in their community. They are going through the same issues, exemplified with Respondent’s position in the spotlight. The children suffer from ridicule and bullying in school and isolation from their fellow peers,” the court documents filed on March 28 state.

“Respondent’s neglectful behavior is evident in Sophia’s school homework, which is often incomplete and her attendance record in school. Petitioner learned that Respondent may have forged Sophia’s school reading logs. This was brought to Petitioner’s attention by his daughter Sophia’s teacher, [redacted] and by Sophia herself.”

In particular, Tamra’s estranged 15-year-old daughter — who now lives solely with Simon at her own requestSidney claims her mother is verbally and emotionally abusive and her status in the public eye results in harassment from her teenage peers.

“Sidney continues to claim that her mother is verbally and emotionally abusive towards her and does not give her the attention she needs as a daughter,” the legal docs read.

“She further contends that Respondent’s behavior in the media causes her embarrassment and results in ridicule and harassment from her peers.”

Tamra has three children with Simon; Sidney, 15, Spencer, 13, and Sophia, 8.

Sonja Morgan Spazzes On Ramona Singer, Declares ‘You Couldn’t Handle A Day In My Life!’
Fireworks and fights are about to explode between the Real Housewives of New York City ladies on the upcoming episode.

In a surprising twist, Sonja Morgan and her BFF Ramona Singer end up in a heated blowup after Singer said some unkind words.

“You don’t have a lawsuit. You don’t have divorce. You don’t have a custody battle. You couldn’t handle a day in my life,” Morgan ranted to Singer as their co-star Aviva Drescher looked on.

Morgan continued to question her pal’s comments, which remain unknown to viewers.

“That’s just really low blow!” Morgan yelled.

“I’m keeping my sh*t together, and I need you to be a friend! You’re not a friend I want to be around.”

Meanwhile, Kristen Taekman became a victim of the “Singer stringer,” after trying to get involved in the other ladies’ drama.

In the clip, she scolds Singer for RSVP-ing and then not showing up to Heather Thomson’s 10-year anniversary party.

“You really should have said you weren’t coming,” Taekman said to Singer.

Singer got in her co-star’s face — clearly annoyed.

“Now you talk? Usually you just sit there and look pretty with a smile on your face. It’s none of your business,” Singer said.

That wasn’t the only veteran to scold new cast member Taekman.

“If you’re going to say you’re not going to get involved, then shut the f*ck up!” Drescher told her.
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kenya Moore Files Assault Charges Against Porsha Williams

Porsha's long proven that she's not the brightest bulb in the room. But letting a rabid instigator like Kenya Moore get to you to the point where you try to beat her up on national television? Well, there's just no excuse:
"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Porsha Williams is a wanted woman ... as in we've learned there's a warrant out for her arrest.

ATL cops are going after Porsha over a fight she had with Kenya Moore on the set of the show.  Porsha allegedly attacked Kenya, who filed a police report. The show has the raw footage, and that was enough to charge Porsha with misdemeanor battery -- thus the warrant.

Porsha's lawyer, Joe Habachy, tells TMZ she will surrender Thursday.

We're also told Porsha plans to go after Kenya ... she wants the D.A. to file felony aggravated assault charges against Moore.  
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‘Stop Lying About Everything’: Teen Daughter Of Tamra Barney Lashes Out At Estranged Mom, Calls Her Father A ‘Great Dad’
The mother and child reunion is more than a motion away in the case of Tamra and Sidney Barney.

The plot thickened in their saga Tuesday, as the precocious 15-year-old broke her silence on the ongoing family drama via Twitter, imploring her estranged reality star mom to “stop lying about everything,” involving her children in the social media mudslinging, and assuring the masses that she’s “not suffering.”

As previously reported, The Real Housewives of Orange County star’s daughter moved out of her mother’s home last October to live with her father Simon, who’s currently in a contentious co-parenting battle with the blonde Bravo bombshell.

Simon Barney, wanting to modify their current custody agreement to have full custody of his teen daughter, said the reality star has been guilty of child neglect, even shirking her duties of making sure the children are bathed and fed while in her stead.

(Mad as a hornet at Radar for breaking the humiliating story, Tamra posted a family pic on her Facebook page and defiantly declared, “I even fed my kids afterward and made them take a shower. Imagine that radar online.”)

Barney’s new husband Eddie Judge got in on the act Tuesday, implying Simon was on a cash grab when he asked via Twitter, ”If u need money wouldn’t u just ask?

“Why embarrass the kids through all these false allegations? Will this justify u?”

But Sidney Barney was having none of it, countering Judge’s inferences in saying that that if her father Simon — who parted with Tamra more than two years ago — “needed money, he would have gone for child support and not full custody.”

In another comment, Sidney said of her father: “He is a great dad but everyone thinks he is a terrible person because they believe the lies. It’s getting old.”

The starling comments from Sidney came on the heels of her revelation that she was excluded from her mother’s Hawaiian vacation, — an accusation Tamra told us amounted to “bullsh*t.”
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Joe Giudice’s Former Business Partner Wants Joe And Teresa Locked Up For A Long Time
Teresa and Joe Giudice are currently facing prison time after pleading guilty to extensive fraud, but even if they each end up serving their respective maximum sentences, justice will not be served, the Giudices’ former friend and business partner, Joe Mastropole, exclusively tells

“A few years in jail is not enough,” Mastropole says of the parents to four young daughters, who pled guilty in March to multiple counts of mail, wire, bank and bankruptcy fraud. Teresa, 41, faces 27 years in prison while her husband of fourteen years, 42, could serve 46 months behind bars. “The time is not enough for the crime,” he adds.

New Jersey construction exec Mastropole has good reason to demand harsher penalties: He yet to see a dime from the $260,000 court judgment he won in 2011 after Joe was found guilty of forging his onetime pal’s signature on a mortgage document in order to pocket $1 million. “Juicy Joe” also never paid 
Mastropole a $420,902.60 real estate debt— but the sum was swept away by the trustee’s April 8 final report in the couple’s $13 million bankruptcy case.

Now, Mastropole worries that the potentially lenient sentences will encourage others to commit similar crimes. “People will be willing to do a few years in jail for $13 million,” predicts Mastropole, who refers to the Giudices as infamous 1930s bank robbing pair Bonnie and Clyde. The court “should make an example of these swindlers so other people don’t try to do the same thing.”

The Giudices’ sentencing is scheduled for July 8.
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