Sunday, January 25, 2015

Adrienne Maloof ‘Playing The Field’ After Jacob Busch Split, ‘Not Heartbroken At All’
The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof is single and ready to mingle!

Following a recent breakup with her much younger boy toy, Anheuser-Busch heir, Jacob Busch, 26, the 53-year-old former Housewife “is going to take some time out for herself and just be single for a change,” a close friend reveals to exclusively.

The RHOBH star first met Busch at a party for Robert Shapiro in Beverly Hills, Calif., in Sept. 2013.

“Everyone told her to be careful when she got together with him because of the age difference, but she assured her friends that she was in control,” the source says. “Adrienne thought that she was going to marry Jacob.”

Radar was the first to report that things started heading south for the cougar and her cub when Busch was caught sneaking over to Paris Hilton’s house, who is Maloof’s neighbor. “He never goes with Adrienne, and it’s obvious he isn’t going over there to borrow some sugar, or milk,” an insider previously said.

“Her divorce hardened her and she thought she was not going to be able to love again,” the insider tells Radar, referring to Maloof’s ex-husband, Paul Nassif, 50, who she divorced a year prior to meeting Busch.

“Now that she knows she is capable of loving again, she is playing the field,” the insider says. “Although Adrienne has a thing for younger men, the next guy she dates will definitely be more age appropriate.”
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Claudia vs. Nene, Kandi Burruss Picks A Side

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gia Giudice Releases Emotional Music Video Featuring Mother Teresa
Whoa. When we heard that Gia Giudice and her girl group 3KT were releasing a new music video, we definitely didn't expect to be reaching for a tissue by the end of it.

E! News has exclusively obtained the first look at the young reality star's creation for the band's song "Just 13," and it is one emotional and inspiring ride.

The track, which features Lil Cee, focuses on the obstacles that come with growing up in front of cameras.
The lyrics include, "Mama said be strong/ So against this storm I stand through it all/ It's just a joke to you/ I'm just another hashtag/ And if a camera crew followed you/ What would they see/ You're just like me."

Gia stands alone with a black background soulfully singing the lyrics—she sounds amazing, by the way—while images of family photos including her mom Teresa Giudice flash on the screen.

And if you aren't getting teary-eyed by now, the end will surely get you. The music video comes to a close with a home video of Teresa who tells her daughter, "It's not saying goodbye, it's saying see you soon," and blows a kiss to the camera.

Gia recently told E! News she had been preparing and supporting her mom leading up to the Real Housewives of New Jersey star's prison time.

"Me and my mom are extremely close. We're like sisters," she revealed. "Honestly, I was with her every step of the way. There were obviously things where she like didn't tell me, but basically like I was with her every step of the way...My sisters, they really had no idea. They would see things in like magazine but they really had no idea. It was really just me because I was older, I was 13 at the time and I did understand."
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Jeana Keough Confirms Return To Real Housewives Of Orange County?!?
Jeana Keough’s RHOC 2015 return could once again blur the lines of BravoTV roles. Jeana Keough has returned to RHOC off and on for several seasons since her departure as a full housewife. But LALATE can exclusively report that in each return Jeana Keough did not secure a contract provision that would entitle her the full Housewife badge. Could next season be the same? 

Jeana Keough’s return to RHOC is not anything new, LALATE can exclusively report. And while Jeana just teased fans about details this week, LALATE can report that her co-stars (and even new cast members) already knew it was happening. 

BravoTV production’s Evolution Media has had a long history of wanting former RHOC co-stars to return to the series. But the manner in which they return is problematic. In 2012, LALATE exclusively reported the RHOC 7 was set to debut with new face Heather Dubrow. Dubrow, a seasoned Hollywood vet at the time, secured a full housewife provision for herself. Nevertheless the season did not star with Heather initially. Rather it began with Peggy Tanous. Tanous shot multiple episodes for RHOC7 and then exited the series. But when RHO7 aired, Jeana Keough, Peggy Tanous and Heather Dubrow all had scenes, and only Dubrow got a top credit. In fact, neither Tanous nor Keough got even a “friend of housewife” title that season despite significant scenes. 

Jeana tells fans this week that she wants to return to the show. But LALATE can report that she has hardly ever left, filming virtually every season since her last full housewife season. But for reasons never explained, Jeana has not secured a full housewife contract in many years. 

But if you think the RHOC credits on the TV broadcast are the same on DVD packaging, think again. During the 2011 season, Jeana Keough and Fernanda Rocha were both added to the cast once again. Rocha was confirmed by cast to be a full housewife. When the show when to DVD, Rocha on the packaging got that top credit. When the show went to TV, Rocha got no credit. What happened? 

Keough’s entrance to the show could seemingly serve only one purpose: to create tensions with Tamra Barney. In 2011 LALATE reported “While Bravo has yet to give credit where credit is due, Keough was the singularly most explosive storyline in the penultimate and final episodes this season. Real Housewives of OC this season typically drew an approximate 1.5 ratings share. But the finale in which Keough takes on Tamra Barney drew an unprecedented 2.88 ratings share. The finale drew the highest rated episode of the season and seventeen percent increase in viewership since last year.” The credit was all Tamra vs. Jeana. Since that scene aired, Jena has hurled ton of massive allegations against Tamra (and Eddie). If Jeana joins RHOC again, expect all those allegations to come back to the front.
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Friday, January 23, 2015

Joanna Krupa Officially Sues Brandi Glanville For Defamation and Slander
Joanna Krupa plans to clean out Brandi Glanville ... finally making good on her threat to sue over months of trash talk about her baby maker.

According to legal docs ... Krupa claims she experienced severe emotional distress when Glanville went on "Watch What Happens Live" ... and told the world JK has a stinky beaver. Now Krupa's slapped her ass with a defamation suit.

Glanville reiterated the scentiment multiple times ... and Krupa went ballistic about it last month.

If Joanna wins the suit -- filed by her attorney Ray Rafool -- she'll finally force Brandi to pay up ... but the move isn't without risk. Krupa's lady parts will now be up for discussion in open court.

The witness list should be ... interesting?
Well it's about time. And Joanna if you need a character witness to testify on your behalf, I'm totally available.

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Alex McCord Moved To Australia....Like 4 Months Ago
Former The Real Housewives of New York star Alex McCord will no longer be seen around the streets of Brooklyn. This morning, Alex and her husband Simon Van Kempen announced that they will be packing their bags and moving across the world to Simon’s home country of Australia. The couple will take their sons, Francois and Johan, with them and continue to raise them down under.

“And we’re off,” Simon revealed on his social media accounts, “off to Australia to live! Our beautiful Brooklyn home went on the market this morning!”

That means the townhouse Alex McCord and Simon renovated while filming the hit Bravo show is on the market. The 6-bedroom townhouse in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood has an asking price of $2,695,000.

According to a new Bravo report, former Real Housewives of New York star Alex McCord will leave her life behind in Brooklyn to perhaps pursue a new career in Australia. McCord and Simon have not filmed for Bravo for years. Many were hoping that the couple would return, since they seemed so eager to film the show. Perhaps this is Bravo’s chance to expand the housewives franchise to New South Wales.

“After 18 years in New York for Alex, and 28 years outside Australia for Simon, we’ve made the decision to move to Australia to be with family. Over the last few years, all of Simon’s family have reconvened from as far as Europe to all live within 20 minutes of each other on a collection of beautiful beaches on the north coast of New South Wales. We are the last of the family to move back, and it’s time,” Alex McCord reveals about the decision to move to Australia.

“Our children have never had the opportunity to live within walking distance of grandparents and cousins, and with our two boys aged 8 and 10 it’s the perfect time for the extended family to enjoy each other. We both love New York City, and Brooklyn specifically, almost as much as each other; however, we’ve been there, done that and written the book—literally—on raising Little Kids in the Big City. It’s now time for a new adventure,” Alex McCord added.

Alex McCord was one of the many housewives who were fired after the controversial fourth season of The Real Housewives of New York, something that was covered by The Inquisitr. Not only were the women starting to display bullish behavior, but fans were also losing interest because Bethenny Frankel had gotten her own reality spin-off show, distinguishing the feud between Frankel and Kelly Bensimon.

Alex McCord continued to dish about the housewives for various websites, a job she could easily do from Australia. Since the Bravo franchise has been a massive hit in Australia, it doesn’t sound like it will be too hard for these two to find work.
I apologize for being super late with this one.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kenya Moore Encourages Claudia Jordan and Porsha Williams' Ex-Husband Kordell Stewart to Date
Based on the promo for this Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, it looks like Claudia Jordan might be getting very close to Porsha Williams’ ex-husband, Kordell Stewart. In fact, Claudia and Kordell look so good together at the Sports One opening in Charlotte, North Carolina (Kordell is a partner in the venture) that Kenya Moore encourages them to date!

As you can see towards the end of the promo below, Claudia gives Kordell a very warm hug when she sees him at Sports One and soon the pair are sitting together taking cute selfies, swapping numbers, and giving each other a little peck goodbye.

What’s more? Kenya is all for this duo to take their flirtatious energy to the next level. “You’ve got clear chemistry,” she tells Claudia. “I think you should just go out on a date.” Considering the fact that Claudia and Kordelldo exchange numbers it looks like they might be entertaining the idea of going out on a date, though Cynthia Bailey swore on Watch What Happens Live on January 18 that Claudia and Kordell are just old friends who “go way back”.

Elsewhere in the promo NeNe Leakes tells Gregg about her fight with Claudia, Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss head to the OBGYN, Cynthia burns the “friendship contract” she had with NeNe, and Phaedra Parks learns when Apollo will be reporting to prison. 
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Kim Zolciak Attributes Figure To Nutrition Shakes After Accusations Of Photoshopping Super Slim Bikini Selfies
Did she or didn’t she?

Bravo star Kim Zolciak shared several bikini snaps on her Instagram on Tuesday, Jan. 20, sparking controversy over the authenticity of her suddenly slim waistline.

The mother-of-six wore two bikinis that showed off her fitter figure. In both snaps, Zolciak’s ample curves were on full display, while her legs and waistline appeared slimmer – and less natural, according to commenters – than usual.

Anticipating speculation, the Real Housewives star provided an explanation for her impressive physique:
“Trying on bikinis for my vaca with hubby..” wrote Zolciak, who married NFL player Kroy Biermann in 2011.

She added: “Thankful for @310nutrition for keeping me in check! The shakes really help me! You guys keep asking what’s my favorite flavor, honestly I’m torn between vanilla and chocolate! I LOVE peanut butter so I add that to the chocolate one, and I love strawberries so I add that to the vanilla one! It’s all depends on your preference. The cleanse is really helpful to jumpstart you! #NoFilter #HerveandAgent #ImPosingForYall #310shake #310Nutrition #MyHubbyLovesTheseCurves.”

Unfortunately, the reality star’s sexy snaps seemed to infuriate some Instagram users, who said her “unnatural” body must have been Photoshopped.

While Zolciak has undergone plastic surgery in the past – including a tummy tuck last Fall – she continues to deny any tampering with her recent posts.

After her last controversial photo in September, the reality star addressed her critics in a extensive Instagram post.

“I think I have officially read it all after posting my bathing suit pic yesterday!” she wrote to fans. “From photoshopping a thigh gap, to photoshopping my breast, to photoshopping a butt how about.. it’s me alllll F—KIN ME haters ..every last bit is ME!! Zoom in real f—kin close too… I dare you… no photoshopping!!”
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kenya Moore Slams Brandi Glanville: 'That's Why Eddie Cibrian Left You For A Younger and Prettier Woman'
Leave it to Brandi Glanville to feud with Real Housewives from all the franchises — not just her own show! 

Shortly after it was revealed that ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ star Joanna Krupa has plans to sue Brandi, another housewife — Kenya Moore — took a stab at the former model on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’

The ladies haven’t exactly held back in the past. In previous weeks, Brandi has called Kenya fat and Kenya has said Brandi belongs in rehab — but yesterday, Jan. 19, they both managed to cross a line! 

“Don’t make me beat your ass like Porsha Williams did,” Brandi said, referring to last year’s epic ‘RHOA’ reunion brawl.

Bragging about how she didn’t provoke the 90210 native, Kenya managed to provoke her, saying, “I didn’t bring up the fact that her husband left her for a younger, prettier woman.”

Oh no she didn’t!

But yes, she really, really did. Kenya later defended her dig, tweeting, “I had to read her! Can’t blame me after the ‘beat your ass comment like someone else did’ was a low blow not playing games [sic].”
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Kim Richards Gets Back To Acting, To Guest Star On "Revenge"
Need to stir up some drama? Call in a professional.

Revenge is doing just that in its Jan. 25 episode, as the ABC hit series has recruited The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills standoutKim Richards to guest star, E! News has exclusively learned. And we have your first look at the Bravo reality star in action!

And no, Richards is not playing herself, but Stephanie, a society lady and friend of Victoria's (Madeleine Stowe), who is a member of Nolan's (Gabriel Mann) Southampton Beach Club.

Of course, like any great Revenge guest star, Richards' Stephanie will be packing some secrets in her suitcase when she heads to the Hamptons, as she and her friend Heather each have a secret or two that they're willing to pay good money to keep quiet.

Revenge is far from Richards' first acting role as she appeared in the films Escape to Witch Mountain, Return From Witch Mountain (and made a cameo in 2009's Race to Witch Mountain), and, more recently, Black Snake Moan, and made guest appearances on hit shows like The Dukes of Hazzard, Magnum P.I. and The Love Boat in the '80s. But Richards' is most well known for her work on the hit '70s show Nanny and the Professor as Prudence. 

And in addition to Richards' troublemaker, we also have your exclusive first look at Suits and Firefly's Gina Torres in her recurring role as Natalie Waters, another Hamptons socialite who will be giving Victoria a run for her money. 

Revenge airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.
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