Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dorit Kemsley Dishes On #Pantygate

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Cynthia Bailey Says Some Real Housewives Are “Concerned For Their Safety”
In The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode 'Thelma and Louise Take Flint', when Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore aren’t in Flint, Michigan for a good cause, they’re in Atlanta having lunch with the other ladies. That’s where Kenya inquires about Porsha Williams’ participation in anger management classes. Kenya says Phaedra told her about it; Porsha gives Phaedra a look of disbelief. Kenya asks Porsha, “Is that something you don’t want us to know about?” Porsha gets very defensive, "I feel completely ambushed right now," she says.

Cynthia Bailey points out that Porsha has had three physical altercations (one with Cynthia on a boat last season). “So, some of the girls are a little concerned for their safety,” says Cynthia. The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jill Zarin Attended Donald Trump's Inauguration
A certain former Bravo Housewife was at Donald Trump's inauguration. Real Housewives of New York City alum Jill Zarin attended the swearing in of the 45th president on Friday, Jan. 20. Ever since she got invited to the historical event, she's been sharing photos left and right on Instagram. Yeah, Zarin really wants everyone to know that she was at Trump's big, yet controversial, day. Seeing as she was invited, is Jill Zarin a Donald Trump supporter?

It doesn't appear that she has ever straight up said she supports Trump or that she voted for him. (Bustle reached out to Zarin  for comment and did not receive an immediate response.) She's also retweeted him on Twitter, but that's not exactly confirmation. Whatever the case, the Bravolebrity was in Washington D.C. watching Trump officially become the 45th president of the United States.

On Thursday, Zarin posted an Instagram of her invitation to the inauguration and wrote, "Dad is out of woods and I'm packing for D.C.! This is my first inauguration. I am going as an AMERICAN to support democracy( and hey I got invited. ..!)"

She also wants everyone to know that she doesn't care what they think about Trump, because this is her choice to go. Also, it seemed Zarin tried to make it clear that she doesn't agree with everything that Trump has said or done. As she Instagrammed, "If you want to unfollow me ... bye bye! I'm sick of bullies. I don't agree with some things but running away won't change it. Be there.. show up... use the system to communicate. But don't you dare make me feel guilty for going to see OUR country at work!"
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'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Salaries Revealed
If you're curious to know what your faves on the Real Housewives of Atlanta make, today's your lucky day.

According to the Jasmine Brand, details on the ladies' paychecks have been made public and the highest and lowest paid members of the cast may — or may not — serve as a shocker to you.

According to the report, Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams are, respectively, the highest and lowest paid members of the RHOA cast.

Kandi is said to be raking in $1.8 million after being a main fixture on the reality show since season two. In addition to that, she fronts her own businesses — Bedroom Kandi, music, publishing, etc. — and is a mother of two.

Porsha, on the other hand, holds down the bottom of the list, bringing in $700,000 from the show, in addition to her appearances on Celebrity Apprentice, Dish Nation and the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and the success of her Go Naked hair extensions line.

Coming in at second, third and fourth are Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey and Sheree Whitfield, who earn $1.4 million, $1.3 million and $800,000, respectively. There is no word yet on how much Phaedra Parks, the remaining main cast member, makes.
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Friday, January 20, 2017

Eden Sassoon On Growing Up As Hollywood Royalty

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Brandi Glanville Doesn't "Get" Why Lisa Rinna Is So Concerned with Kim Richards
Lisa Rinna has a Kim Richards problem. And by that, it seems she can't stop talking about her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costar. But it's a problem she's vowed to fix. On the last episode, Lisa and newcomer Eden Sassoon had quite the conversation about Kim and Kyle Richards where Lisa declared she thinks Kim is close to death while struggling with sobriety.

"They're this close to Kim dying," Lisa told Eden. And, "Kyle is her enabler."

Eden has been open about her sobriety and the overdose death of her sister. Lisa said she thinks Eden could be the only person Kim would "even let in."
Former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and Kim pal Brandi Glanville stopped by Watch What Happens Live and told Andy Cohen her take on the drama.

"I just don't understand why Lisa Rinna, who clearly does not like Kim, is so concerned with her sobriety, on whether she lives or dies. I don't get it," Brandi said. "Like, really?"

Lisa took to her Bravo blog after the episode to discuss what went down during her conversation with Eden. Lisa wrote she didn't remember saying some of the things she saw on tape while she watched the episode. "As I watch this play out along with all of you, I come to quite a realization in that store. As Eden tells me about the night her sister Catya tragically passed away, I am suddenly flooded with the memory of Kyle telling us what keeps her up at night last year while we were all in the Hamptons," Lisa wrote. "Kyle was very open and very honest with us as she explained how she often worries about receiving that ‘phone call' regarding her sister Kim. "
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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lisa Vanderpump Cries with Adopted Son Max: “I’m Not Doing This Right”
In The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode ‘It's Expensive to Be Me’, while Erika Girardi and Kyle Richards vacation in Greece, and Lisa Rinna continues to stir the pot with Eden Sassoon, Lisa Vanderpump spends time with her son, Max Todd. Max was adopted. And now as an adult, he wants to find his biological parents.

Lisa does her best to be supportive but she can’t fight back the tears while in a meeting with Max. When Max asks if she’s okay, she leaves the table saying, “Oh god, I’m not doing this right.” Her understanding son says, “It’s alright, mom.” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.
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Jules Wainstein Attacks Husband Michael In Divorce Court
Jules Wainstein’s husband is so broke that he can’t pay their children’s tuition OR the family’s Uber bills! In a shocking court hearing, the former Real Housewives of New York City stars faced off in their divorce, with Jules’ attorney slamming her estranged husband for trying to blame his client for the family’s financial problems, can exclusively reveal.

Radar was in the New York City courtroom when the pair fought in front of a judge over their dire money problems.

Mr. Wainstein hasn’t paid $10,000 on September 30 of 2016 or $10,000 on Oct 28, 2016 for tuition for the children, utilities, Uber, transportation, nanny and weekly groceries,” Jules’ lawyer revealed. “No payments. He has not paid tuition. The Uber account shuts off and on. There is constant terminations of service for Time Warner Cable. Council stated in September on the record, that Uber would be paid.”

As Radar exclusively reported, the Bravo stars split after the police were called to their house multiple times for domestic violence accusations lobbied by Jules against her husband. The police did not arrest him and he was never charged with a crime.

However, their finances took a huge hit in recent years, and her lawyer told the judge that Michael was not fulfilling his promises to take care of the children.

“We have tax returns that still haven’t been filed,” he said. “Look at his drafts once again. This year will be worse than 2015-2016, but it never says what 2015-2016 is. He said he’s applied for financial aid for the children, but no application. I doubt it’s been filed because I haven’t seen it. He tried to put it on my client that she’s holding things up. It was supposed to be done months and months ago.”

Jules’ attorney told the judge that they were concerned about his money situation.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kenya Moore Talks Pulling a Gun On Trespassers

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Eden Sassoon Says Her Late Sister’s Addiction to Drugs Began with Robert Downey, Jr. and Kim Richards
Eden Sassoon made her debut on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Tuesday, opening up about how her late sister became addicted to drugs while partying in the ’80s with Robert Downey, Jr. and original RHOBH star Kim Richards.

The daughter of legendary beauty icon Vidal Sassoon, Catya Sassoon died of an overdose in 2002. She was just 34.

“For a long time I was numb, very numb to it,” Eden, 43, explained to Housewives Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi on Tuesday. “And completely shut off.”

Catya was an actress whose first movie was 1985’s Tuff Turf. Her costars in the film were James Spader, Downey, Jr. and Richards.

“This was way way back in the day, when my dad bought Frank Stallone’s house in Bel-Air,” Eden said. “Kim would come over with Robert Downey — and Robert would play the piano like crazy. I was like ‘Who are all these, like, insane [people]’ ”

Eden remembered Catya as being “alive” and “vibrant” at the time. But things quickly took a turn.

“Sure enough they all sort of had their stuff,” Eden said. “I think on this set was the beginning of everybody’s drug and alcohol abuse, if you really look at it. It was kind of pre-f—ed up days.”
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Porsha Williams Responds to Kenya Moore's "Golden Shower" Claim
Despite what Kenya Moore may have said on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (and what old footage may have appeared to show her admitting to), Porsha Williams wants to make one thing very clear: She's never been on the giving or receiving end of a "golden shower."

"That's wild, that's crazy. I have never had nobody pee on me, and I would never pee on nobody," the reality star told E! News. "I hope she's enjoying her showers. I don't know!"
Porsha added that she doesn't understand why Kenya continues to come for her so regularly despite the two not having argued in such a long time. "You would think she would have moved on past it by now, but she hasn't and I have," she added. "So, there you go."

While she and Kenya haven't had a run-in lately, the preview for next week's episode hinted at an explosive afternoon for Porsha and the ladies. So what's that all about? "Well, up until this point in the season, I think people have really been able to see a different Porsha. A Porsha who is very much involved in her own life, no worried about nobody else's business. A drama-free Porsha," she explained. "And boom, at that table, drama smacks me in my face. it's difficult to deal with…I try to leave and it just escalates from that point on because they want to press my buttons."
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Lisa Rinna interview | LIVE with Kelly

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